William Kirby

About me

I received my BA in physics from Williams College in 2017.  At Williams, I conducted research with Charlie Doret and Bill Wootters, before completing a senior research thesis with Frederick Strauch.  In 2016 I was awarded the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship.  In 2017-2018 I conducted research with Shelby Kimmel of Middlebury College on methods for calibrating quantum gate sets.  Currently, I am working in Peter Love’s quantum computation group at Tufts University on quantum simulation, funded by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (present through 2023) and the STAQ collaboration (also courtesy of NSF).

In addition to physics, I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, singing, and spending time with my family and friends.


Download full CV: pdf

GitHub: https://github.com/wmkirby1


  • Andrew Zhao, Andrew Tranter, William M. Kirby, Shu Fay Ung, Akimasa Miyake, and Peter J. Love, Measurement reduction in variational quantum algorithms, arXiv preprint (2019), arXiv:1908.08067 [quant-ph].

  • William M. Kirby and Peter J. Love, Contextuality Test of the Nonclassicality of Variational Quantum Eigensolvers, to appear in Physical Review Letters, arXiv:1904.02260 [quant-ph].

  • William M. Kirby and Shelby Kimmel, Calibration for Single-Qubit Gates using Robust Phase Estimation, APS March Meeting, Contributed Talk (3/8/2019). Download slides.

  • William M. Kirby and Frederick W. Strauch, A Practical Quantum Algorithm for the Schur Transform, Quantum Information and Computation, 18 (9&10), 0721-0742 (2018), arXiv:1709.07119 [quant-ph].

  • William M. Kirby, A Practical Quantum Schur Transform, Senior Honors Thesis, Williams College Physics Department (2017). Download full text.

  • William M. Kirby and Frederick W. Strauch, Efficient Quantum Compiling, 2016 APS New England Fall Meeting (poster).

  • William M. Kirby, A Tight Bound on Tangle for Two and Three Qubits, manuscript (2016).

  • William M. Kirby and William K. Wootters, Quantum Entanglement: Enigma and Resource, Weekend for Williams Lecture, 10/3/2015.

  • William M. Kirby and William K. Wootters, A Tight Bound on Entanglement for Two Qubits, 2015 Williams College Summer Science Poster Session (poster).