William Kirby

About me

I received my BA in physics from Williams College in 2017.  At Williams, I conducted research with Charlie Doret and Bill Wootters, before completing a senior research thesis with Frederick Strauch.  In 2016 I was awarded the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship.  In 2017-2018 I conducted research with Shelby Kimmel of Middlebury College on methods for calibrating quantum gate sets.  Currently, I am working in Peter Love’s quantum computation group at Tufts University on quantum simulation, funded by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (present through 2023).

In addition to physics, I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, singing, and spending time with my family and friends.


Download full CV: pdf

GitHub: https://github.com/wmkirby1


  • William M. Kirby and Peter J. Love, Contextuality in the Variational Quantum Eigensolver, arXiv preprint (2019), arXiv:1904.02260 [quant-ph].

  • William M. Kirby and Shelby Kimmel, Calibration for Single-Qubit Gates using Robust Phase Estimation, APS March Meeting, Contributed Talk (3/8/2019). Download slides.

  • William M. Kirby and Frederick W. Strauch, A Practical Quantum Algorithm for the Schur Transform, Quantum Information and Computation, 18 (9&10), 0721-0742 (2018), arXiv:1709.07119 [quant-ph].

  • William M. Kirby, A Practical Quantum Schur Transform, Senior Honors Thesis, Williams College Physics Department (2017). Download full text.

  • William M. Kirby and Frederick W. Strauch, Efficient Quantum Compiling, 2016 APS New England Fall Meeting (poster).

  • William M. Kirby, A Tight Bound on Tangle for Two and Three Qubits, manuscript (2016).

  • William M. Kirby and William K. Wootters, Quantum Entanglement: Enigma and Resource, Weekend for Williams Lecture, 10/3/2015.

  • William M. Kirby and William K. Wootters, A Tight Bound on Entanglement for Two Qubits, 2015 Williams College Summer Science Poster Session (poster).